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Our Team

Welcome to Top Gym Tips, the home of training and nutrition Infographics & online coaching. Our team is made up of only three members; Dani, Dylan & Jordan.



Dani is a 21 year old student with a passion for empowering others to realise their highest potentials. Dani currently runs his own account @physiotrition, which has over 100,000 followers. Hes currently taking a hiatus from his study of Physiotherapy & is a certified personal trainer. His goal is to teach people how to gain autonomy over their own lives and help them to achieve their dreams and not the dreams of others. Dani is currently in charge of the online training and helps out with the social media coaching.



Dylan is also a 21 year old student, currently studying sound engineering & music production. His specialities are in graphic design and video editing. He has vast experience with social media and has previously had an extremely successful YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers! Dylan is in charge of the oversight of the social media coaching and runs the practical side (posting, comments etc) of the page. His goal is to give as many people as possible the ability to improve their lives through fitness as well as turning their dreams of an online social media business into a reality.





Jordan is the newest member to our team. He is a passionate go-getter who succeeds in anything he puts his mind to. He is a 21 year old student, currently studying Law and Business. His specialties include video editing, as well as customer service. He manages general maintenance and focuses on improving the operations of Top Gym Tips Limited. His goal is to reach as many people with our message and help them improve their lives both physically and mentally.



Interested in joining our team? Send us an email: Please include a resume with any relevant experience and a 500 word piece on why you'd love to work with us!