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Instagram Engagement Groups

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Engagement Groups are one of the best ways to increase your engagement and reach on Instagram!

When a large account likes your post on Instagram, you are more likely to get shown in their followers explore page, increasing your reach, likes and followers! In this group, we will have accounts with a 250,000+ follower network, with over 6 million impressions weekly! 

When you post on Instagram, post to our group and everyone in the group will like and comment on your post. Comments are most effective for Instagram algorithms if made in the first 15 mins following a post or 1 hour afterwards therefore where possible we aim to comment as quickly as possible on a post.

Once you post, there is a heart, speech bubble and arrow at the bottom of your post. Pressing the arrow will bring up the option to direct message someone, select our group and your post will be posted to the group.


  • Give authentic and genuine comments. No generic automated comments or single emojis. Where possible engage in a conversation or discussion. Instagram algorithms LOVE this!
  • Members must engage daily in the group. That means you should check Instagram every day and comment on the groups posts. You do not have to post yourself every day! But do check in at least once a day!
  • Give before you take. That is comment on everyone's post BEFORE you post your own. This is playing fair.
  • If you don't agree with a post or don't feel comfortable posting, you do not need to feel obliged to comment but please mention in the group thread "sorry don't feel comfortable commenting on this post/these kind of posts". You don't need to explain yourself further however always take it as an opportunity to educate and express your opinions.
  • Keep posts fitness specific. This benefits you also as well as the group and makes people more comfortable when commenting.
  • Do not add anyone into the group.
  • Never publicly shame or put down another member’s posts, discussion is healthy, support is appreciated however comments can be neutral also. For example, 'I haven't heard that before' 'I’ll have to read up about this' 'that exercise looks challenging.'
  • If you choose to post more than once a day, it’s only fair that you can add in one post a day. Any more than that will be considered spam.
  • Please keep the Instagram thread free of chit chat it can be very overwhelming to people joining the group.


This is a one time $14.99 payment. Once you join the group, there will be no other charges.