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Which Training Split Should You Do?

These two splits (and a 5 day split) are what I recommend for natural lifters. Research seems to favour a training frequency of 2-3 days per week for optimal hypertrophy, even when volume is equated (Schoenfeld et al., 2016). This is because muscle protein synthesis levels remain elevated 36-48hrs post workout in naturals (Burd et al., 2012). This means a muscle group should be ready to train again after this period, so training a muscle once per week simply isn’t optimal in the long run

Training twice a week will also lead to improvements in skill as you will get to practice the lift twice a week. This falls in line with principle of specificity, which simply states that to get better at a given task, you must perform that task. As obvious as it sounds, this can have great implications in strength increases over time

Both of these splits also allow for the use of daily undulating periodisation (DUP). DUP refers to a daily fluctuation in volume and intensity and is done by changing rep ranges and weights from session to session. DUP has been shown to be superior than Linear periodisation when it comes to increasing strength (Rhea et al., 2002). Undulating rep ranges are also superior to building muscle than fixed ranges (Schoenfeld, 2015)

To conclude, if you’re a natural & only training each muscle group once a week, it’s time to seriously think about your training split