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Which Is Better, Partial Reps Or Full Reps?

Both Partial reps and full reps have been shown to elicit similar hypertrophic effects when compared (McMahon et al., 2014, Pinto et al., 2012). However, these studies did also happen to show a greater increase in strength for the group using full range of motion (ROM). Of course, there is the limitation that the weights used did not change between groups & so it is expected that lifting the same weight through a greater ROM will lead to greater benefits. Nonetheless, this is still food for thought

Partial reps certainly have a place and can be very helpful when overcoming sticking points in lifts. For example, using pin presses to help with lockout in bench press or rack pulls for deadlift lockout. They are also beneficial to those who are injured and don’t possess the ability to get into their end range

To conclude, the research leans towards a full rep, full range of motion approach, but I think both aspects should be utilised in your training. In terms of progress, total volume is always your priority