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Which Is Better, Leg Press Or Squats?

The squat is a fundamental movement that nobody should exclude from their training unless injured or impaired. It is a natural movement that many of us mimic every day, whether it be squatting down to pick something up or standing up from sitting down, the squat is part of all our lives

Squats have been shown to elicit greater overall muscle activity when compared to the leg press (Escamilla et al., 2001). In terms of strength increases and hypertrophy, the squat seems to be slightly superior, but then again your body doesn't really discriminate against forms of mechanical tension. The squat does, however have a better carryover to athletic performance leading to greater increases in vertical jump (Wirth et al., 2016)

The leg press is ideal for beginners as it is simple to perform in one single plane of motion. And also may be beneficial for those during rehab, who have back, hip, knee problems etc

To conclude, squats are more "functional", but both are great for hypertrophy. If you are an athlete, you should certainly prioritise the squat. If not, a mix of both is perfect