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The Benefits Of A Full Body Split

A Full Body split is the most optimal way to train IF you can only go gym 3 times per week, which I know a lot of people only can. If you can go 4 or 5 times a week I’d recommend some variation of an upper/lower or push/pull/legs split

However, Full Body training can still be very useful, especially for beginners to intermediates. Advanced lifters may struggle in hitting their MEV, using this split, but for a beginner this shouldn’t be a problem. As well as this, the split can be great for developing strength. The principle of specificity simply states that to get better at a given task, you must perform that task. As obvious as it sounds, this can have great implications in strength increases (Wilson et al., 1996). A full body split normally leads to you performing some form of squat, bench and deadlift 3 times a week, thus aiding in strength development

Finally, if you have some concerns with training volume of certain muscle groups (particularly arms and delts), they are activated quite a lot in most compounds, with EMG data verifying this (Saeterbakken et al., 2017, Youdas et al., 2010). This split also allows for an extra isolation day of arms and delts if needs be, with most people training Monday, Wednesday and Friday on this split. These sessions can take time, but from anecdotal experience, it is a very fun way to train and is even endorsed by some professional bodybuilders (Alberto Nunez etc)