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6 Exercises To Do On Pull Day

Deadlifts: Though not an essential exercise, deadlifts especially when performed with heavier loads have shown to effectively stimulate the entire back (Beggs et al 2011)

Lats: To effectively hit the lats, you should train them through all of their functions (shoulder adduction, medial rotation & extension). Pulldowns have shown to be an effective exercise for overall lat recruitment when using a MEDIUM width, OVERHAND grip brought to the front of the neck (Andersen et al 2014, Signorile et al 2002) as it trains both adduction & medial rotation. Pullups/chin ups may be performed instead as they have again shown to elicit high amounts of lat recruitment (Doma et al. 2013)

Rows: To train shoulder ext. a row variation is advised. Likely 1 of either an inverted, bent over or seated cable row as they have all shown to produce large amounts of lat recruitment (Fenwick et al 2009, Lehman et al 2005). The lats are ~50:50 fast/slow twitch (Johnson et al 1973) thus both high & low rep ranges are advised e.g. low for deads/rows & high for pulldowns

Biceps: Bicep recruitment seemingly increases with heavier loads (Lagally et al 2002) thus a HEAVY supinated curl is advised. An additional curl exercises such as a cable, preacher or incline DB curl is also advised in order to further recruit all regions of the biceps more evenly (Oliveria et al 2009)
πŸ‹πŸ»Traps: Traps are highly recruited during deadlifts (Escamilla et al 2002), in particular during the top half of the lift (Carbe & Lind 2014). This indicates that rack pulls could be an effective exercise to target the traps. Furthermore, the traps are highly involved in all pulling & rowing exercises (Lehman et al 2004, Handa et al 2005) however to DIRECTY target them, a HEAVY shrug has shown to elicit max recruitment (Naddeo et al 2008)πŸ‘πŸ½