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How To Diet On A Budget

It can not only be hard psychologically to diet, but also financially. Here I’ve listed 8 foods that not only are cheap, but will definitely aid in your diet. Here’s some other practical tips when it comes to dieting

Sleep is a factor, which is often overlooked in terms of weight loss. Sleep deprivation is associated with a decrease in leptin levels, which leads to increases in hunger. It also causes increases in ghrelin levels, which has the same effect (Taheri et al., 2004). This can make it much harder to adhere to your diet. Poor sleep quality & quantity causes increased cortisol levels, which add to general physical and mental fatigue (Weitzman et al., 1983, Gore et al., 1993). Again, this can really be detrimental to long-term adherence

Fibre is quite satiating and so may indirectly help with fat loss (Rebello et al., 2014). The literature also seems to show a very favourable trend between high fibre intake and fat loss (Slavin 2005, Champagne et al., 2012). As well as this, high fibre intake also helps fight against type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and CVD (Lattimer et al., 2010)

Ho et al. (2012) carried out a randomised trial to compare the effects of 12 weeks of aerobic, resistance or combination of exercise on fat loss and CVD risk. They found that combination exercise gave greater benefits for weight loss, fat loss and cardio-respiratory fitness than aerobic and resistance training modalities individually

High Protein diets are essential to those who exercise, with recent research showing 0.72g/lb adequate to optimise hypertrophy (Morton et al., 2017). As well as this, high protein diets lead to higher lean body mass retention during prolonged phases of caloric restriction (Mettler et al., 2010)