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How To Bulk On A Budget

It can not only be hard physically to bulk, but also financially. Here I’ve listed 8 foods that not only are cheap, but will definitely aid in your bulk. Here’s some other practical tips when it comes to bulking

Bulking on a small surplus will ensure you are limiting fat gain and keeping your bulk lean. Once you stop gaining weight increase your calories by 200-300 and start all over again. A large surplus can lead to excess fat gain which is associated with insulin resistance, a drop in testosterone and rise in estrogen levels (Dyck et al., 2006, Rohrmann et al., 2011)

Leading on from the this, adding these 200-300 calories in just carbs is the best way to go! Once protein is at 0.72-1g per lb of bodyweight there is no need to increase intake (Phillips 2011). Excess dietary fat leads to a higher rate of fat storage than carbs, with roughly 90-95% of fats stored (Horton et al., 1995) and one study only showing de novo lipogenesis rates to be around 1% (Acheson et al 1987)