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Foods To Help You Lose Weight And Gain Weight

Whether you're trying to lose or gain weight it's important to track both your kcals and your protein. Research suggests .72g protein per lb of bodyweight (Morton et al., 2017), with higher amounts of 2.3-3.1g/kg of Lean Body Mass needed as you get deep into a cut (Helms et al., 2012)

In terms of weight loss being in a negative energy balance (calorie deficit) is necessary and vice versa for weight gain (Romieu et al., 2017). Don't know how to track your calories? Drop me a DM if you are interested in my Calorie Ebook

These foods are split into nutrient dense and calorie dense. Of course, you should aim to eat as many nutrient dense foods as possible, but if you're really struggling to hit your calories, the foods on the right can really help