Top Gym Tips

Cardio 101

HIIT or high intensity interval training, utilises short intense bursts of training performed at close to 100% of your VO2 max, followed by short active or passive recovery phases. LISS or low intensity steady state cardio, consists of fixed low intensity exercise. LISS causes less of a fluctuation in heart rate and less of a strain on the CNS

HIIT leads to higher energy expenditure over the 24 hours post training (Treuth et al., 1996). As well as this, the research seems to show that both have a beneficial effect on endurance and VO2 Max levels (Foster et al., 2015, Helgerud et al., 2007)

HIIT may increase injury risk due to its high intensity, but should be fine once fatigue is accounted for. LISS is also more time consuming than HIIT due to its decreased energy expenditure

To conclude, I feel that research shows benefits for both modalities. My advice is to find which is better for you and which you can adhere to for the longest. At the end of the day, a calorie deficit is key for long term fat loss (Romieu et al., 2017)