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Are Supersets Worth Doing?

Superset training requires performing one exercise directly followed by another. They can either be grouped (same muscle group) or separated (different muscle groups). Heavy superset training with little rest will cause an increase in lactate production and overall levels of metabolic stress, which is a known driver of hypertrophy (Schoenfeld et al., 2012)

Supersets are also very beneficial if you are under a time constraint. You can easily half your workout time just by implementing certain exercises back to back. This is particularly effective in full body training, where concurrent exercises tend not to effect performance (bench press followed by leg press, etc.)

Counterintuitively, supersets may decrease activation in the target muscle. Recent research has shown that when bench press is followed by pec deck, over time the anterior delts begin to take over and pec activity decreases. However, no such decrease was seen when separated supersets were performed (Brentano et al., 2017)

To conclude, supersets are a handy training tool, especially if time is an issue. Separated supersets may hold a benefit over Grouped & I recommend throwing in one to two supersets at the end of each session, just to increase overall volume