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8 High Protein Snacks To Help You Reach Your Goals

Here is 8 examples of convenient and tasty high protein snacks to help you easily hit your daily intake. Protein is always emphasised in the fitness industry, but what exactly do we use it for and how much do we need?

Protein’s main function is cellular growth and repair, which is what we are most concerned about in terms of body composition. However, it also plays a crucial role in metabolic and endocrine activities, with most enzymes and some hormones (insulin, growth hormone, etc.) being made from protein. Lastly, it can be used for energy (although energy inefficient) through gluconeogenesis (Radziuk, 2001)

In terms of training, recent research suggests that roughly 1.6g/kg is optimal for maximising hypertrophy (Morton et al., 2017). Of course, you can eat more than this and I’d suggest a range of between 1.6-2g/kg, as eating more protein may have a very satiating effect (Soenen, 2008), which can be a big help to those with large appetites. Schoenfeld (2018), carried out a review on protein absorption to recommend anywhere from 0.4-0.55g of protein per kg of bodyweight per meal