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8 Crucial Exercises To Improve Your Aesthetic

Here we have 8 exercises that are KEY to an aesthetic physique

Building a V-Taper is one of the most important parts to a killer physique. The main contributors to this are the lateral delts and lats, hence why lateral raises and lat pulldowns are essential here

Next, we have chest, the ultimate BRO muscle group. In terms of chest development, the bench press is strongly associated with pec major cross-sectional area (Akagi et al. 2014) and should be your go to exercise. For Arms any type of curl or tricep extension will do, but preacher curls and rope pushdowns are my personal favourites

For your legs, squats have been shown to elicit greater overall muscle activity when compared to the leg press (Escamilla et al., 2001). In terms of strength increases and hypertrophy, the squat seems to be superior. The squat does have a better carryover to athletic performance leading to greater increases in vertical jump (Wirth et al., 2016). And of course, what would an aesthetic physique be without a juicy pair of CALVES. To hit your gastrocnemius any standing calf raise will do. And for your soleus a seated calf raise will suffice