Top Gym Tips

6 Exercises To Do On Leg Day

Quads: 4 muscles = VL, VM, VI & RF. Although VL VM & VI are strong knee extensors, research favours the squat over leg extensions to develop them (Signorile et al., 1994, Ebben et al., 2009) BUT if you were to only squat RF might lag behind as it gets little activation in the squat, so to best hit the RF and FULLY develop the quads, leg extensions have shown to be best (Ema et al., 2013, Ebben et al., 2009). The lunge also elicits high activity in the quads & also the glutes (Pincivero et al., 2000). So for total quad development, we recommend a squat/legpress, lunge/split squat & an extension

Glutes: You’ve already squatted & lunged but to hit the glutes one more time we advise a thrust as they have been shown to have the greatest glute activation over ANY other deadlift variation (Andersen, 2017). So, thrust for the BOOTAY

Hamstrings: 3 muscles = ST, SM, BF(long & short head) BUT research shows that their activity during squats & leg presses are relatively modest therefore, for maximal growth, we advise you incorporate further single-joint movements like the RDL & curls to really develop the hammys (McAllister et al., 2014)